Cadware Premium Promotion is special for all mothers

为欢庆双亲节,嘉威有限公司从即日起至2013年6月30日推出2组“2013典雅促销配套”: 配套A:One Touch养生机(EE65) + 胚芽米萃取机(EE78) + 典雅钢锅系列(EE81) 配套B:蔬果研磨机(EE52) + 单电磁炉(EE35) / 单电陶炉(EE70) + 神奇蒸汽拖把(EE80) + 典雅钢锅系列(EE81) 以上每组配套只需RM3200(西马) / RM3300(东马),销售分数1400PV(须符合条件)。存货有限,若要订购,请联络嘉威有限公司03-91716952/53,或洽询您邻近的传销商。 Effective from now until 30th June 2013, in-coordination with celebration of Parent’s Day, Cadware proudly presents you the special Premium Promotion 2013: Package A: One Touch Energy Maker (EE65) + Embryo Rice Producer (EE78) + Premium Series 304-18.10 S/S Cookware Set (EE81) Package B: Juice Grinder (EE52) + Single Induction Cooker (EE35) / Single Ceramic Cooker (EE70) + Steam Mop (EE80) + Premium Series 304-18.10 S/S Cookware Set (EE81) Special price RM3200(WM) /RM3300(EM), 1400PV every package as above mentioned. (Terms & Conditions apply). Limited stock, please contact Cadware, HQ at 03-91716952/53 or our distributors for your order.

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