Hydrogen Sterilized Beauty Mist

EE88 - Hydrogen Sterilized Beauty Mist

Warranty Period: months

WM: RM 846.00
EM: RM 896.00

10011 Normal Track 99999 No 5 RM 896.00 500 pts product-with-no-option No beauty-products
Beautiful skin starts with clean skin!

Beautiful skin starts with clean skin! Cleansing is the secret to a radiant complexion and Mist+ rids the skin of impurities which may dull the complexion by safely sterilizing various harmful bacteria using a patented process to convert tap water into Nano Hydrogen Sterilized Water (NHSW) to more effectively penetrate pores and eliminate impurities, provide increased oxygen and moisture to improve the overall health and vitality of the skin by soothing and preparing your skin for skin treatments. 

 Dimensions: 40x34x150 (mm)

Weight: 70g

Input Port: Micro USB

Output: DC3.7V

Capacity: 30ml

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