Multi-Function Computer Stewed Cooker 3.5L

CP8 - Multi-Function Computer Stewed Cooker 3.5L

Warranty Period: 12 months

WM: RM 583.00
EM: RM 631.00

10012 Normal Track 99999 No 5 RM 631.00 330 pts product-with-no-option No home-appliances

 Six features:

  • The figure design base on simple lines, provide a sense of dignity.
  • Use stainless steel materiel as internal pot, clean and durable.
  • Simple operation, all can be done by one key-press.
  • The whole complex heating and temperature control process is done by the micro-computer.
  • Digital display tube, easy for the user to observe and operate.
  • With fine porcelain cup, outside and inside cover design, make it airproof.

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